The Story Prism Information

                      The Story Prism

             This is going to be a monthly event in which a theme is randomly selected (excluding the first month) and anyone and everyone young, old, tall, short, whatever will write anything no matter what length, number of stories, ect. And submit for viewing on this here blog.   Basically the rules are as follows 

1.     Follow the theme, but it can be very abstractly connected if you wish.2.     Do not send something intentionally retarded. Very easy yes? Basically, have at it! Bring your friends and kids! Parents and grandparents! Just make sure if you do not want them seeing some things on the blog to uh supervise.  

I’ll post ALL entries and will not allow hateful commentation. There ARE NO bad stories on this blog, ya dig? However, if you want your work critiqued just tell me in the email and I’ll post your contact info. You obviously will be credited for the work, but you shy folk feel free to enter as anonymous.  Every event will have its on page titled something like “The Story Prism of May”. This is designed first and foremost to tell good stories. Its other major function is to act as an outlet for creative writing, oh yeah poetry and songs can enter also. Art will also be accepted. 

Anyway, the third function is to show different ways to show things and to show the differences between people in their writing.  Well that’s all for now. Remember, STORY MEANS LOTS OF ART FORMS!!!!


2 responses

22 04 2007

alrighty…eagerly awaiting the theme…*taps fingers*

23 04 2007

ooh.. this is good.. so art is also accepted…:D

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