Sorry For The Down Time

18 02 2007

Sorry readership for the lack of posts, too much excitment this week! (guess why?) lol Be back soonish.


Welcome To Decayed Soul

4 02 2007

“Initiating system checks……..good…….all systems green………..coordinates set…….let’s get this rolling……into the void our journey begins!”

 “Blast off!”

Welcome to the new abode of Decayed Soul, who was once reaper. Few of you know who that is but thats alright, this is a new blog after all right? I guess it’s time to get the intro post kicked into gear and open up the fabulous waste of net space my blog shall be. Are you sure you want to read this?

I blogged about all sorts of stuff. Philosophy, theories, politics, games, dreams, even my own stories and poems. I think this blog will follow suit, however I think now I will go into the darker side of things more often. It’s time to write the truth, the ugly reality of everyday life. I guess you can call me a watcher of people, i like to figure them out, anthropologist might work.

Anyways, I’ll write more stuff on me later. This is just a kicker post after all and it is 1:30 am in the morning lol. So welcome to my Decayed Soul, will you take a look into the Heart of Darkness?