The circle comes full circle it seems…..

16 09 2010

“My advice to you is get married: if you find a good wife you’ll be happy; if not, you’ll become a philosopher.”  -Socrates


Theory of a Line

3 11 2007

We got one of those old definatly south GA lady substitutes for chemistry. She was complaining about how kids say god all the time or something which led to some kids next to me talking about how the only thing with no beginning or end is god. soooo

I said, “I finally figured it out! God is a line!” See, lines have no beginning or end and thus are infinite. We are imperfect beings for we can only draw line segments. Even if you drew a line your whole life you would eventually die making it forever become a line segment. Even if your fellow man continued the line, people can possibly go extinct, so we are imperfect in the eyes of the line.

 We all walk a line segment destined to be ruled by imaginary lines we cannot possibly create in reality. So therefore we are circles destined to repeat ourselves once the loop is complete. And futhermore, pie tastes good.


18 10 2007

Well I think people have the right to be vulnerable to whatever terrible diseases they want. I don’t agree kids should have no choice but….at least the outbreak would only effect the ones that aren’t vaccinated…..

Get Off Your Asses (Kids)

11 10 2007

Despite the fact that not many people read this hunk of junk and even more despite the fact that the people this is aimed at definatly won’t read it, maybe some parent will stop by and get something out of it.

 Now, I am a child of the silver age of video gaming. The 16-bit era I believe. I grew up with video games. However, I also believe it or not was a very adventurous outside person. I used to ride my bike for hours on trails, played in the back yard, played in the woods, made forts, made bows and arrows, played with stick swords you name it. It is only after middle school that I really lost all sense and desire to be outside playing with friends (all the friends i did get to play with are now unavalible due to various reasons some being that they are high school teenagers)

Anyways what I’m saying is that today’s kids tend to get addicted to things like bad food and electronic stuff. You’ve seen the kids that look completely brainwashed by tv and games. (Oh yeah I grew up on good cartoons, not today’s crap)

Alright parents this is obviously bad. I mean seriously. You have to be responsible about food, you don’t want an obese (non-genetics related, no offense my naturally fat friends) child. Or do you you sick witch in a gingerbread house?

 Kids, get off your asses boy or girl. Go play for crying out loud! Be kids for lifes sake! Because trust me, when those hormones hit and you get to high school things change….all the things that used to be cool become retarded sadly, its the cycle of life. Go get into trouble once in awhile, explore that haunted house whatever! When you get like me and riding that bike ends earlier and earlier everyday til you do it no more and couldn’t if you tried…’ll understand.

 I also believe its bad to leave kids addicted to crap and not live normal kid lives. I seriously think that can lead to psychopathic behaivor and you know I highly support videogames. I game because I am a gamer, it is who I was even when I played like a kid.

My sisters are addicted to myspace and rap music, geez I want to vomit. Get a life please. the way you can tell the difference between someone who is lets just say a gamer and a retard is that a gamers heart and soul live to game, not because they have no life and can’t do anything else. Where do I spend my internet time? On sites like the best site ever for flash animation or the best art community on the net. Obviously that is different than myspace and rap music.

 So parents, get your kids off their asses, especially if they are lucky enough to live in a nice community… I regret never having. I only had a semi-community gosh dammit which makes it even worse when you reach the high school stage, not to mention the people in general (rednecks and rap just think about it)

(Note: i dont hate rap, just almost all of it. my favorite rap type things include Fort Minor and Dangermouse)


3 10 2007

Has anyone ever wondered about the average level of knowledge? What I mean basically comes down to how advanced a civilization is. For example only a few centuries ago we believed frogs came from mud. Things like that have obviously changed. Instead of regions being isolated due to geography or whatever reason the entire world is connected via communication and travel. How exactly is all this knowledge gathered and preserved so that you can go beyond it?

That may seem like a simple answer at first, you could easily imagine schools, colleges, ect. However consider the human postition. The average person does not store anything beyond grade school possibly middle school level knowledge. Some keep enough high school knowledge stored but never move beyond that point. Then there are the college folk. The thing about college is that often you end up specializing in one field. Very few people have college level knowledge in more than a few fields down pat.

So human civilization as a collective seems to support itself by having certain things specialized in so you always have experts on that field. This is good and bad as you could easily imagine, good in that you can focus and improve upon the specification, bad in that you aren’t spreading out the knowledge.

What all that nonsense I just said means in normal terms is like say we want to upgrade Earth to a more advanced stage. You would need to pass along some knowledge to be learned at lower levels so that you could accomodate the new. Or basically New-> lowest college-> high school, ect so that college becomes high school level knowledge.

 The sad fact that most people could care less about school around the middle school level means we have a gap and it will be a long time before Earth can fully advance on a large scale.

 I have no idea what all I just said means please elaborate for me and make me stop using big words!

The Instilling Of Complexes (You Are A Very Naughty Person)

20 04 2007


I recently had a conversation that included the concept of complexes that affect our everyday life. This was sparked from reading Stephen King’s “Fire Starter” which by the way is a very awesome book. And that is said without my bias. Anyways, complexes are basically mental/psychological/physical/whatever auto switches that influence our behavior, often without us realizing it and giving no second thought whatsoever. 

          For example, (sadly i cannot seem to find a link to it, if you can please post it in the comments), I read about an experiment where a group was given a lot of drink, such as apple juice. They were locked in a room for hours fidgeting around because their bladders were about to explode. Finally the professor said they could go to the bathroom……. 

………If they pissed themself. And the results? Nearly 88% of them could not no matter how hard they tried let it go. And they had to wait as long as possible without being in range of a burst bladder. Now why is this important?  

          “No BAD BAD! Do grown ups poop themselves? Do they pee in the floor?” That is an example of how we are potty trained, albeit a rather mean one. But it is to prove the point that growing up we are instilled with these complexes, these mental damns. And if you need another example….imagine the terrible ones caused by most forms of abuse. The ones that can even cause psychotic personalities. 

          This obviously is not concrete reasoning, as there are different kinds of complexes and situations, like if you get really scared you may indeed soil yourself. But then again there was one girl on a road trip so embarrassed about having to go on the side of the road that she held, and held, and held. What happened? Her bladder burst and she died. 

          An interesting thing, how much free will do we have? We “make our own decisions” and yet we have auto switches we usually are never aware of. Ones that can even influence how you develop and think and answer questions.

Why I Have Been Avoiding This

8 03 2007

My old viewers must be pissed at my lack of, of…., well reaper-esque posts. This blog seems to show that coming back tenfold, yet mostly all I’ve done are warcraft posts. I can make many excuses, but I do not accept them as a good reason. The only thing I can say is that one famous thing said about these types of things or creativity or stories or something being born not from joy, but suffering.

 I am not so depressed anymore. I have nothing to fight for here. It’s not lack of thinking of these things but the lack of the ability or will to express them.

I will try when I can, but please give me time.