Me Time

6 09 2010

I once threw my sword into the forest’s care, many has it taken, many it shall take still…..I vowed that to achieve my ends I would not need it. And now upon its completion….I shall draw my sword for the last time, either for infinity, or for a heartbeat. I scratched my vows into the Battle Rock, and there shall destiny be tested once more. Jottun we shall overcome their hate with an evil so brutal it can only be divine justice in action!




2 responses

6 09 2010

This is the type of post that needs reading about ten times before being fully understood, lol. I shall have to return to it, being waaaay too out of it now.

9 09 2010

I speak of the final stage, the final actors, the final battle, to save existence or end it permanently, Ragnarock Armageddon.

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