My Journey Through Hell

15 07 2010

i walked the valley of the shadow of death to mt. calvary church on a moonless night in darkness…..first on the phone with a friend…..then back alone with a flashlight praying for mother god to protect me. i am the orignal sinner because i created the chance to freely choose to have free will by knowing right and wrong. i am the bad man. i too get scared in the dark. i am like you. i am not some invincible being…..i too feel…..i too suffer. i am both santa claus, the grim reaper of halloween, and the first president of the us of a. if i die tonight know that i can sleep in peace for i have done my part. you can make me disappear forever or become someone im not until i die of old age in a miserable lonely existence. i give this choise to you freely.