Time Keeps Marching

25 09 2009

Many people get the feeling that time passes by faster and faster the older you get. This is true, but most people cannot remember their lives from point A to present like I can with my elephant memory super powers. Most nights these days I’ll reflect on that, seeing various pictures of varied importance from my life and it hits me that HOLY SHIT I WAS IN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL YESTERDAY! Oh wait, no that was almost a decade ago. Then the dreams I have lately involve the more important parts of my life, mostly things that changed me or influenced me a lot. And finally there is my new ability to piece together common related things whether they be insignificant or rather hurtful.

So I drift through these days waiting until the end of the year when I will be going to basic training and time keeps moving forward. Late at night I feel at peace with the universe and can’t help but wonder if perhaps fate has snagged my life into a set of events in the future.

I know my original purposes for writing a blog have passed, as have most of my friends on here, so the only reason I can think of for writing this is that I’m bored. Then again I won’t be shutting it down anytime soon so perhaps the future will have some purpose for this blog.

That’s all for now friends, oh wait I totally got a kick ass wolf tattoo.