For Your Eyes Only, old lady hahahahaha

9 11 2008

check this shit out she who must not be named here


others may read if they think they got the cajones to bear through it

this shit is truly EPIC


you have been warned here is the link


How to Seek?

7 11 2008

For eyes are a weak tool to navigate the darkness.

Are my eyes deluded?

Or am I simply blind to things as I stumbled through the dark?

should I see with my heart, torn asunder in all its glory?

Who am I?

raxnae the poet

reaper of souls

Or am I the me I always have been?

Draxiss d’arc Dragon awakened at last?

The dragon that breathes life into the void?

Must I complete the circle of infinity alone?

Or shall the retarded masses try to take my life again?

Too bad they don’t stand a chance, not even my own negative.

For what though?

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness?

allu belore dela’nah bitches

me and only me

5 11 2008

although MGD seems to be happening (haha my old readers would be so shocked)

is it wrong that I feel so terrible because I could not drag the one I loved from the void itself? why do you think I hate my realm so much I exist in this world of light?

am i so weak…..

ode to loss, nevermore