truth? (definatly haha)

12 10 2008

all the world is a stage, we are the actors, we can keep moving forward, we can do right for everyone and everything if only we keep moving forward


As It Happened, Simply

9 10 2008

A poem I wrote during biology due to boredom, already posted on my deviant art account among other greats…..

Note: rhyme is not my style, but this is not my greatest use of rhyme by far, its may seem a little pathetic if you aren’t into reading poetry (i think my greatest use of rhyme to date was my song….)

As It Happened, Simply
a little 3 x 3 by raxnae……

Fate conspires a Chance Meeting
That spiraled a Dance Fleeting
Which aspired a Slant Beating

Its Bond to Cyber Power
Although gone to Fiber Flower
Now shone to Chitin Shower

Is evolving into Love Game
Begins deevolving into Dove Degraded
Now revolving into Grove Shame


8 10 2008

The void is always at the tip of my tongue, trying to force blasphemies from my mouth.


Please end this misery. The void is just too strong. This existence grows weary and tires me. One can only suffer so long when all they have tried to do is move on. Its not like I don’t want to. I want to live. But the import of it, christ seriously i know how important it was! but it did not happen!


So why can I not sleep in peace?

Tormented Dreams

7 10 2008

Why does somethings importance negate your ability to cancel it out? Of course I fully acknowledge its importance, but does this mean I must be dragged down? Time and sleep are good remedies but alas it only evolves and shifts until I cannot recognize its manipulations.

Reaper is only a parasite.


6 10 2008

I’ve put a good amount of effort into writing on deviantart, mostly journals and poems and such. If you care to visit feel free, be warned that SOME things are not appropriate for certain viewers, but thats why there is a mature content warning on said things.

Chek out me as my psuedonymn here


6 10 2008

Gotta eat it all, consume everything in sight, desire high

I want it all, every cracker, crumb, and morsel

I desire your bounty, if only to reap the reward

Hunger consumes my soul, been out cold with hunger for a long spell

Yum Yum in my tum… sayeth the hungr’red

fade to flesh…….