Theory of a Line

3 11 2007

We got one of those old definatly south GA lady substitutes for chemistry. She was complaining about how kids say god all the time or something which led to some kids next to me talking about how the only thing with no beginning or end is god. soooo

I said, “I finally figured it out! God is a line!” See, lines have no beginning or end and thus are infinite. We are imperfect beings for we can only draw line segments. Even if you drew a line your whole life you would eventually die making it forever become a line segment. Even if your fellow man continued the line, people can possibly go extinct, so we are imperfect in the eyes of the line.

 We all walk a line segment destined to be ruled by imaginary lines we cannot possibly create in reality. So therefore we are circles destined to repeat ourselves once the loop is complete. And futhermore, pie tastes good.




6 responses

3 11 2007

interesting theory here…hmm

‘and furthermore, pie tastes good’ LMAO good one!

3 11 2007

I like your logic- I doubt even Aristotle concluded that pie tasted good.

4 11 2007

Pie does indeed taste good.

I prefer the circle theory. Circles are nice.

6 11 2007

mmmm… i like pie!

22 11 2007

So what’s up with the triangle? Pi theory could overlap, here..ahem. Might still be considered bad for you, though, depending upon to whom you speak, and the nature of numeric value. Do you think this means you never want to get stuck in a triangle, or that cones without open roofs are spiritually oppressive?
Ah, just wondering.

22 11 2007

Also, this kind of has a deep (this is heavyhanded; sorry) “connection” to our capacity to relate to God, and invites interest in the idea of the Trinity debate. For instance, it’s like Jesus is a telephone, in a nutshell, sort of…..and God’s on the line, because He IS the line….get it?

Not as weird as you first thought, now, is it? Grin.

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