Check Out My AAR

6 11 2007

If you don’t know what it is, you need to. Just take a look for Odin’s sake!


Theory of a Line

3 11 2007

We got one of those old definatly south GA lady substitutes for chemistry. She was complaining about how kids say god all the time or something which led to some kids next to me talking about how the only thing with no beginning or end is god. soooo

I said, “I finally figured it out! God is a line!” See, lines have no beginning or end and thus are infinite. We are imperfect beings for we can only draw line segments. Even if you drew a line your whole life you would eventually die making it forever become a line segment. Even if your fellow man continued the line, people can possibly go extinct, so we are imperfect in the eyes of the line.

 We all walk a line segment destined to be ruled by imaginary lines we cannot possibly create in reality. So therefore we are circles destined to repeat ourselves once the loop is complete. And futhermore, pie tastes good.