Son of A Failed Dynasty

17 10 2007

I am in so much more a depression now, this place is a thousand times more depressing. I just completely realized the true extent of the mistakes of my forebears and how I ended up in such a terrible place for someone like me.

 The place we live could possibly have been my families, and in time mine, empire. My great great gandma had thousands of acres of land, and even better used it. She used it to grow pine trees, so just think of it as our little piece of the lumber trade. However, the next generations pissed it all down the drain slowly but surely. There used to be a lot of money and poof its gone.

 Finally it got to my grandfather and great uncle. There wasn’t any money but the land was their’s. through there own stumbling blindness they eventually had to sell it all. Now the wife of my mother’s ex husband grandfather owns it all and even has a mini mall in our town on what should be OUR LAND! And I’m sure the grandfather isn’t like them but his kids are WHITE TRASH REDNECK #$%$^@#$!!!!

I know why my aunt gets so angry about this. THAT SHOULD BE OUR LAND, OUR EMPIRE, OUR WEALTH!

Now we inherit next to nothing, I inherit nothing. I have to if I ever have any hope of rising above these peasants start all over from square one. Problems? The fact that America doesnt have as much oppurtunity as it did. The only way it could ever see fruitation would be in the lifetime of my descendants.

Fuck that, I want to live as I want! I got to bridge the gap by doing it in a very shoot the moondiscover the cure for cancer fashion.

For now, I am the son of a failed dynasty the same as the paupers, even more pathetic because I have the smarts to rise above the muddy swamps of middle class.




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17 10 2007

oh sweetie… now i know what you meant on my post. i’m sorry to hear that you all lost what was rightfully yours. Try to keep your chin up doll. you’ll be ok. you’re gonna write a famous novel or 6 and then die and come back as a killer-wicked brain-eating zombie. see, you do have stuff to look forward to.

there’s a hug for you. please don’t eat my brain.

17 10 2007

A similar thing happened to my family. We owned a huge field back at the turn of the century. Then next door’s cow got through their ill-cared-for fence, and fell down a well in our field … so we handed the field over as compensation.

50 years later the field was sold to housing developers for millions. 😦

Stupid cow …

17 10 2007

Wow that is powerful. Like immensely powerful because thats close to the epitome of a harsh life that you had no choice or decision in. I suggest you read this article on life hack, it might help.

17 10 2007

ahhh great. just another thing for you to be down about. *sigh*

but hey who cares…once you’re out of there you never need to go back. that atleast is comforting i guess.

mishin you

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