Get Off Your Asses (Kids)

11 10 2007

Despite the fact that not many people read this hunk of junk and even more despite the fact that the people this is aimed at definatly won’t read it, maybe some parent will stop by and get something out of it.

 Now, I am a child of the silver age of video gaming. The 16-bit era I believe. I grew up with video games. However, I also believe it or not was a very adventurous outside person. I used to ride my bike for hours on trails, played in the back yard, played in the woods, made forts, made bows and arrows, played with stick swords you name it. It is only after middle school that I really lost all sense and desire to be outside playing with friends (all the friends i did get to play with are now unavalible due to various reasons some being that they are high school teenagers)

Anyways what I’m saying is that today’s kids tend to get addicted to things like bad food and electronic stuff. You’ve seen the kids that look completely brainwashed by tv and games. (Oh yeah I grew up on good cartoons, not today’s crap)

Alright parents this is obviously bad. I mean seriously. You have to be responsible about food, you don’t want an obese (non-genetics related, no offense my naturally fat friends) child. Or do you you sick witch in a gingerbread house?

 Kids, get off your asses boy or girl. Go play for crying out loud! Be kids for lifes sake! Because trust me, when those hormones hit and you get to high school things change….all the things that used to be cool become retarded sadly, its the cycle of life. Go get into trouble once in awhile, explore that haunted house whatever! When you get like me and riding that bike ends earlier and earlier everyday til you do it no more and couldn’t if you tried…’ll understand.

 I also believe its bad to leave kids addicted to crap and not live normal kid lives. I seriously think that can lead to psychopathic behaivor and you know I highly support videogames. I game because I am a gamer, it is who I was even when I played like a kid.

My sisters are addicted to myspace and rap music, geez I want to vomit. Get a life please. the way you can tell the difference between someone who is lets just say a gamer and a retard is that a gamers heart and soul live to game, not because they have no life and can’t do anything else. Where do I spend my internet time? On sites like the best site ever for flash animation or the best art community on the net. Obviously that is different than myspace and rap music.

 So parents, get your kids off their asses, especially if they are lucky enough to live in a nice community… I regret never having. I only had a semi-community gosh dammit which makes it even worse when you reach the high school stage, not to mention the people in general (rednecks and rap just think about it)

(Note: i dont hate rap, just almost all of it. my favorite rap type things include Fort Minor and Dangermouse)




4 responses

12 10 2007

Haha very informative post there. True most teens today are just too crazed into the myspace/facebook/tv/video games that it actually becomes worrisome. Be kids, thats what we really are

12 10 2007
The DT

I know what you mean. As an observer, you can tell that parenting is substandard. My parents used to make me go outside all the time, and as a result I have exercised more, and have never been overweight, regardless of the crap I eat. The kids you see today are rippling with rolls of fat, and it makes you wonder when their parents will finally put your foot down and say, “Ok, Cody, we’re cutting you back to three cheeseburgers a day. Also, no more Gameboy. You’re ruining your eyes and wasting your time.”

Also, fatties never get laid. Fact.

17 10 2007

that was a good post hunny, and you are right. As much as my kids like to play video games, i don’t encourage it. my daughter had her birthday in september and i bought her a bike (gasp!) something apparently unheard of nowadays. you wanna know the crazy part? she rides it!!

25 04 2008

You certainly have a point,but it’s not as easy as you think you know. I am barely out of teenagerhood myself (I was a bookworm and a recluse for the most part, apart from a couple of close friends), and I am already a stepmommy to 2 little munchkins (5 and 3).Now they are used to being fed basically all carbs, and nothing is done by anyone about them eating disliking all vegetables and barely any fruit. Whilst I do my best to get them to eat well, it’s hard when everyone else (grandparents, biological mother,etc) doesn’t make a big deal out of it-it’s enough when a parent tries to control a child against their will,but when it’s a stepparents it’s twice as hard, as you are likely to be twice as blamed for anything. If kids get lost while their mother is watching them in the park, then everyone says “OMG that must have been so worrying!Thank God they’re ok!”.If it’s their stepmother who was with them,it’s raised eyebrows and wondering looks…Same goes with videogames, and basically most anything. So it’s not just that parents aren’t doing enough and aren’t taking their responsibility seriously.I do my best, but at the end of the day there are other people in kids’ lives and other factors…

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