Sonata Artica

9 10 2007

first i’d like to say i got 2 philosophic posts coming your way.

 Sonata Artica may be low on popularity as far as music in america goes but you could expect that since the band is from europe. This is one of my favorite bands ever and i just want to send some of you guys that way so you can enjoy their awesomeness. their music ranges from hardcore, to soft, melancholy, uplifting, epic, and much more.

Favorite songs:

1. Full Moon (uplifting)

2. Dream Thieves (hardcore, always good when you’re mad)

3. Wolf and Raven (epic)

4. Black Sheep (epic)

5. Thor the Thundergod (major epic)

6. Talulah (melancholy, what i feel latly)

there you have it, get to bootlegging those songs off of limewire or something.




One response

10 10 2007

I don’t know for sure your meaning of “epic,” but I’ll pretend I do. You you listen to “Godspeed You Black Emperor” at all? The songs are pretty long, and have movements, so… yeah.

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