200 Foot Tall Zombie???????

1 10 2007

Odd….why’d I get stuck with this lol

I have to approach this with a sarcastic tone, sorry.

As a 200 foot zombie first I would wonder what I would eat? Generally zombies eat human flesh and unless there are 200 foot people in supply I doubt little people would even get noticed by me. I would lose one of zombies main advantages, being numerous and overwhelming people with numbers. Second I would lose any element of surprise, being 200 feet tall.

So if I were undead I would most likly seek to destroy as much as possible. Let me think. Find a nuclear plant would be first choice. Second would be any large explosive type thing. Hopefully I would be a virally created zombie and my exploded bits would infect the masses, also good if the military decided to blow me up.

Overall, 200 foot zombies just aren’t practical, now pigmy zombies on the other hand…..good times.




2 responses

1 10 2007
The DT

Oh yeah, pygmy zombies would totally rule. They’d be just like regular zombies, only they could fit into smaller spaces. That would be sweet.

5 10 2007

Good answer! loved it

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