Mental Storm Redux

30 09 2007

This afternoon I found myself in one of my trance dreamstates, where I can wake from dreams only to be unable to wake up, usually some pressure in my head, and I usually fall back asleep into another dream.

 what is this storm of so many dreams stringed together like? Well Let me tell you the ones I remember and see how you take it.

I was a bad dude unspecific, as in I’m not sure exactly what I was only that i was bad. I was in a house with many people and i was making them go insane one at a time. The others of course would’nt believe the one I targeted, and after awhile i did something terrible to that person? Was I invisible?

Night time, a really cool halloween celebration. It was like fire works and exploding flaming pumpkins that turned black with yellow flames when set afire.

My apache warriors went on a warpath and how exactly did we beat the old world armies anyways? I must be a tactical genius.

The more I think about the more I am certain there was a silent techno flow in the in between periods of my dreams……

World formation? wth

Last one in  concious thought, I played a support role for a friend who apparently had some weird enemy that could of been a creation or a side or something? But anyways this thing somehow ended the world by messing up the timeflow so I had to make friend aware of this. Friend manages to go back in time and stop thing and then he has to fix the time flow, leaveing me and him the only two who ever remembered anything was wrong in the first place.

 After classes  I should have something more philosophical, but dreams were important before I forget like i usually do lulzzzzzzor




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