More Fun In Current Issues

26 04 2007

Well I had to create a story using a few terms. And yes I am indeed in the middle of the wildfires you may have read about on the news. Yay im famous!

   A Story or Something


             Wildfires broke out in Brantley and Ware Counties one month. Alerted by his domestic spying, Super Bush flew over the fire and used his incredibly soggy logic to unleash a downpour of brain fluid that quickly extinguished the flames. In an interview about this latest presidential feat Bush was quoted as saying, “Heh Heh Heh, take THAT global warming!”         

         Kim Jong Ill recently visited Virginia Tech to formally apologize for the record breaking mass shooting that occurred, leaving many families and friends torn. However on his way there a group of illegal immigrants shouted across the parking lot of Wal-Mart where Kim was leaving after purchasing hair spray and Elvis Cd’s to “Go back where he came from.” In response Kim Jong
Ill shouted back, “Fear the wrath of my massive DONG missile!”

         Many teens such as Brandon Snot have been influenced by the growing drug culture in America. These teens begin using many terrible drugs at an early age and say its all in the name of “having fun”. In other news the rate of teen suicides are dramatically increasing, and the government says on the matter “What? Me figure it out?”. Senators Hilary Clinton, John Edwards, and John McCain raced to see who could blame video games faster while driving their SUV’s and throwing money out the windows.          




4 responses

26 04 2007

omg i seriously needed a laugh and this totally gave it to me. thanks! :p Brandon Snot eh? I wonder…

27 04 2007

WAAAAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!! brandon snot?! Omg.. this is better than Calvin and Hobbes!!!

27 04 2007

I see a flaw in your logic: if Bush has brain fluid, then it must mean he has a brain- something proved wrong on innumerable accounts.

1 05 2007

loved the dong missile remark, classic!

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