The Instilling Of Complexes (You Are A Very Naughty Person)

20 04 2007


I recently had a conversation that included the concept of complexes that affect our everyday life. This was sparked from reading Stephen King’s “Fire Starter” which by the way is a very awesome book. And that is said without my bias. Anyways, complexes are basically mental/psychological/physical/whatever auto switches that influence our behavior, often without us realizing it and giving no second thought whatsoever. 

          For example, (sadly i cannot seem to find a link to it, if you can please post it in the comments), I read about an experiment where a group was given a lot of drink, such as apple juice. They were locked in a room for hours fidgeting around because their bladders were about to explode. Finally the professor said they could go to the bathroom……. 

………If they pissed themself. And the results? Nearly 88% of them could not no matter how hard they tried let it go. And they had to wait as long as possible without being in range of a burst bladder. Now why is this important?  

          “No BAD BAD! Do grown ups poop themselves? Do they pee in the floor?” That is an example of how we are potty trained, albeit a rather mean one. But it is to prove the point that growing up we are instilled with these complexes, these mental damns. And if you need another example….imagine the terrible ones caused by most forms of abuse. The ones that can even cause psychotic personalities. 

          This obviously is not concrete reasoning, as there are different kinds of complexes and situations, like if you get really scared you may indeed soil yourself. But then again there was one girl on a road trip so embarrassed about having to go on the side of the road that she held, and held, and held. What happened? Her bladder burst and she died. 

          An interesting thing, how much free will do we have? We “make our own decisions” and yet we have auto switches we usually are never aware of. Ones that can even influence how you develop and think and answer questions.




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20 04 2007

interesting conclusion. I’ve thought about this everyonce in a while…you know just musing about little things that society instills in us like ‘this is a boy’s hair cut and this is a girl’s hair cut’ seriously who decides whats suitable for a guy and whats suitable for a girl? you know stuff like that.

I try not to think about it too much cuz sometimes it upsets me how much like robots we have become. following what is ‘acceptable’ and what is ‘not’ in society and stuff like that.

20 04 2007

ah yes, and i havent even mentioned the religious side…..

20 04 2007

dont even bother going there :p

20 04 2007

another day :p

20 04 2007

no not even then…it’s too much of a…hmm whats a good word?…controversial topic? (but knowing you…you’d jump into somethign like that without a second thought) 😉

22 04 2007

ha! thats too funny, i was telling vamp about that just today, about how the little happyMeal toys in Mc D’s are either pink and flowery or blue, silver and very very evil looking…

23 04 2007

yes firestarter is a great book. i’m a huge king fan

14 12 2008

Ah, come on now are you serious? Her bladder burst? I find that hard to believe, got a link to that story?

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