Precipice of Oblivion

18 04 2007

Friends my mind is starting to crack. its middle school all over again, my brain is going to implode. that void spot is growling like your tummy after missing breakfast. But then again it will stop and everything will be content.

 Well im sure ive got a few tricks to stop its spreading. I feel odd, last night i reevaluated my development and i found….interesting things. It seems i have not thought about things related to this in forever, hell i literally re-remembered everything.

 I dont really want to go into those personal relics of the past, and im not gonna dwell on them unless im being mr. philosopher. And some readers cant see it til i tell em myself. Anyhoo, i realised i am a lot different than i was.

 It may take adults a lot of years to change, but for teens in this day and age, it happens fast. every year is like a cycle, and that cycle keeps on rollin. but you keep on evolving as it rolls and rolls.

I told some of you my age, but maybe you will see that ageless part of me, that philosopher fool side, the thing that developed from a very unique mind. I hope i will get my ass in gear and post away like theres no tommorow. precipice of oblivion or not.




5 responses

18 04 2007

this is a teaser post and you should be fined for posting it. it should be illegal to put up these kinds of posts

18 04 2007

oh i can be much more evil. ask my old readers about some of my promises and no delivery of posty. but hey, i blogged when enough people saw the new post. now im a loose cannon, read as you wish.

19 04 2007

you’re a funny little sprite, aren’t you?

19 04 2007

id say more along the lines of off in the head 😉

19 04 2007

i’d say very much off his rocker

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