A Whole Month, No Angry Mobs I Hope

16 04 2007

well, i can’t believe its been over a month. ok i can obviously but i kinda wonder where my inspiration went. I guess trying things over and over again and seeing them never catching light kinda brought me low. perhaps im not the keep on trying kind of guy.

 im sure a few people are pissed at me for my leave, all i can say is i’m here…..sort of. I suppose I will blog every so often, which is like saying an acorn will turn into a mighty oak….sometime in the future.

 anyways, keep on keepin on,





4 responses

16 04 2007

well i was pissed. i hope you’ve been at least keeping up with everyones. there’s lots of exciting stuff going on! you need to write again, and SOON!

17 04 2007

I was pissed, too. I was sharpening my dual-bladed axe…

But I did give you a thinking blog award, so I guess I wasn’t that pissed. I can’t wait until you start writing some more.

17 04 2007

Glad to see you’re still around! Unlike everyone else, I wasn’t getting out my weapons. I was saving those for next month. 😉

18 04 2007

well the only way to get mr. dudewhoownsthisblog up and writing is to seriously piss him off and denying him from talking to the one person who gets to hear all about it (and so he gets it off his chest and wont need to blog)…then and only then will he turn to blogging.

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