More Fun In Current Issues

26 04 2007

Well I had to create a story using a few terms. And yes I am indeed in the middle of the wildfires you may have read about on the news. Yay im famous!

   A Story or Something


             Wildfires broke out in Brantley and Ware Counties one month. Alerted by his domestic spying, Super Bush flew over the fire and used his incredibly soggy logic to unleash a downpour of brain fluid that quickly extinguished the flames. In an interview about this latest presidential feat Bush was quoted as saying, “Heh Heh Heh, take THAT global warming!”         

         Kim Jong Ill recently visited Virginia Tech to formally apologize for the record breaking mass shooting that occurred, leaving many families and friends torn. However on his way there a group of illegal immigrants shouted across the parking lot of Wal-Mart where Kim was leaving after purchasing hair spray and Elvis Cd’s to “Go back where he came from.” In response Kim Jong
Ill shouted back, “Fear the wrath of my massive DONG missile!”

         Many teens such as Brandon Snot have been influenced by the growing drug culture in America. These teens begin using many terrible drugs at an early age and say its all in the name of “having fun”. In other news the rate of teen suicides are dramatically increasing, and the government says on the matter “What? Me figure it out?”. Senators Hilary Clinton, John Edwards, and John McCain raced to see who could blame video games faster while driving their SUV’s and throwing money out the windows.          


The Instilling Of Complexes (You Are A Very Naughty Person)

20 04 2007


I recently had a conversation that included the concept of complexes that affect our everyday life. This was sparked from reading Stephen King’s “Fire Starter” which by the way is a very awesome book. And that is said without my bias. Anyways, complexes are basically mental/psychological/physical/whatever auto switches that influence our behavior, often without us realizing it and giving no second thought whatsoever. 

          For example, (sadly i cannot seem to find a link to it, if you can please post it in the comments), I read about an experiment where a group was given a lot of drink, such as apple juice. They were locked in a room for hours fidgeting around because their bladders were about to explode. Finally the professor said they could go to the bathroom……. 

………If they pissed themself. And the results? Nearly 88% of them could not no matter how hard they tried let it go. And they had to wait as long as possible without being in range of a burst bladder. Now why is this important?  

          “No BAD BAD! Do grown ups poop themselves? Do they pee in the floor?” That is an example of how we are potty trained, albeit a rather mean one. But it is to prove the point that growing up we are instilled with these complexes, these mental damns. And if you need another example….imagine the terrible ones caused by most forms of abuse. The ones that can even cause psychotic personalities. 

          This obviously is not concrete reasoning, as there are different kinds of complexes and situations, like if you get really scared you may indeed soil yourself. But then again there was one girl on a road trip so embarrassed about having to go on the side of the road that she held, and held, and held. What happened? Her bladder burst and she died. 

          An interesting thing, how much free will do we have? We “make our own decisions” and yet we have auto switches we usually are never aware of. Ones that can even influence how you develop and think and answer questions.

The Story Prism

19 04 2007

I’ve got a great idea for some sort of fun shin dig we can get goin on my blog. Since the majority of the readers call themselves writers I’ve decided to bring an old idea I have had since the Scythe’s Edge was still running, except with a new twist. I was going to set a theme for myself and then write short stories based on said theme, and the fun is I would write completely different versions using things such as different characters, perspectives, viewpoints, time tenses, ect. And today I had the great idea of asking any of my readers interested to join the fun by sending in any and all no matter how many short stories based on the theme chosen, and obviously everyone will have a different sort of story. I will put a page up with all the information such as (obviously) how to get the story to me, stating you WILL be credited for your contribution (i will NEVER pass it off as my own, plus I will have my own stories with it anyway), ect. Leave your comment as support and I will indeed do this. I think it will be a very kick ass thing for many reasons including the simplest one of all, to tell a good story. You can compare all the different morals, perspectives, styles, and all that jazz and that will help my philosopher side to boot! So how about it? And I want you to know, the story can be a simple paragraph if you are not a serious writer! This is going to be a very everyone can join in the fun activity and I hope it grows with time to include many people, and i promise I will put EVERY entry (except intentionally retarded ones) up, no matter how big or small, good or great (no bad stories in my book). I will also do things like post your email if you’d like readers to critique your work. Anyways, your thoughts?


(no this does not apply to my current issues class but im using it as my free write anyways)

Precipice of Oblivion

18 04 2007

Friends my mind is starting to crack. its middle school all over again, my brain is going to implode. that void spot is growling like your tummy after missing breakfast. But then again it will stop and everything will be content.

 Well im sure ive got a few tricks to stop its spreading. I feel odd, last night i reevaluated my development and i found….interesting things. It seems i have not thought about things related to this in forever, hell i literally re-remembered everything.

 I dont really want to go into those personal relics of the past, and im not gonna dwell on them unless im being mr. philosopher. And some readers cant see it til i tell em myself. Anyhoo, i realised i am a lot different than i was.

 It may take adults a lot of years to change, but for teens in this day and age, it happens fast. every year is like a cycle, and that cycle keeps on rollin. but you keep on evolving as it rolls and rolls.

I told some of you my age, but maybe you will see that ageless part of me, that philosopher fool side, the thing that developed from a very unique mind. I hope i will get my ass in gear and post away like theres no tommorow. precipice of oblivion or not.

A Whole Month, No Angry Mobs I Hope

16 04 2007

well, i can’t believe its been over a month. ok i can obviously but i kinda wonder where my inspiration went. I guess trying things over and over again and seeing them never catching light kinda brought me low. perhaps im not the keep on trying kind of guy.

 im sure a few people are pissed at me for my leave, all i can say is i’m here…..sort of. I suppose I will blog every so often, which is like saying an acorn will turn into a mighty oak….sometime in the future.

 anyways, keep on keepin on,