Why I Have Been Avoiding This

8 03 2007

My old viewers must be pissed at my lack of, of…., well reaper-esque posts. This blog seems to show that coming back tenfold, yet mostly all I’ve done are warcraft posts. I can make many excuses, but I do not accept them as a good reason. The only thing I can say is that one famous thing said about these types of things or creativity or stories or something being born not from joy, but suffering.

 I am not so depressed anymore. I have nothing to fight for here. It’s not lack of thinking of these things but the lack of the ability or will to express them.

I will try when I can, but please give me time.




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8 03 2007

well thats a good thing i think not being depressed anymore. but thats a bummer if we no longer get those interesting posts anymore…hmmmmmmmm. im still thinking which is better you being depressed and writing or not depressed and not writing. *scratches head*

either way headpats man you deserve them

8 03 2007

Well, it’s the slow blogging months of the year now. There isn’t shit to blog about.

I think that not being depressed anymore is better than having less reaper-esque posts. If needed, you could always watch Sophie’s Choice, or think about dead kittens as a “suffering” pre-blog warm-up.

8 03 2007

You’ll get back into your stride. And lack of depression is most definitely a good thing. 🙂

9 03 2007

it’s ok reaper, i have faith in you!

19 03 2007

come back, reaper, come back!

19 03 2007


24 03 2007

k l b :p

30 03 2007

blk- Ad Infinitum
we miss you reaper…

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