Why I Have Been Avoiding This

8 03 2007

My old viewers must be pissed at my lack of, of…., well reaper-esque posts. This blog seems to show that coming back tenfold, yet mostly all I’ve done are warcraft posts. I can make many excuses, but I do not accept them as a good reason. The only thing I can say is that one famous thing said about these types of things or creativity or stories or something being born not from joy, but suffering.

 I am not so depressed anymore. I have nothing to fight for here. It’s not lack of thinking of these things but the lack of the ability or will to express them.

I will try when I can, but please give me time.


Adventures Of A Warlock #3: The Really Long One: How I’ve Been Screwing Around

2 03 2007

It’s been awhile. So here’s A way to put all the past few time lengths into a short montage.

Me, my flaming horse (not epic one sadly), and my felguard Flaadhun. Plus some guy on an elephant.

 A sleeping dragon……

Trying to kill me!

Some Big Dragon God I Randomly Found

Public Exposure

The Neverwind Counsil’s Overthrow of The Dark Iron Nation! (im wearing a turban) (also have a Princess Leia esque Dwarf wench) We slew all the emperor’s senators as well!

Crossing over into another world

My bombing mission

Lastly, more public lewdity