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22 02 2007

We write a journal every tuesday and thursday. Huzzah! Here is today’s.



This has been another boring rat race school week of that wonderful thing called life. I hope yea peoples are happy with yon tragedy lo and behold the fruit of our folly. To live is but an ideal, a dream, something to hope for. But as it were hope is what keeps the human going, ay the fuel of continuance to live. Push on forward what ho, march onward into the future and what possibilities it has in store. Is it yet more folly to hope for that which is out of reach? Ay, question upon question doth beg my ear. Hello, is it tea time? Beware the long walk of time, and how slowly it passes by until the speed of light sets in and you can act nevermore. Nevermore I say! What will you do when  the world falls upon you? A care, a hope, a dream, to live. Whereas we all try to cut a piece of happiness for ourself. And why? Because we dare to live! So many fall, some come so close and the illusive hare slips from our grasp. How so, ye commoners! How so do you strive to exist? Are we all but travelers between the infinities? Anon, anon we are thrown into life only to find it so hard to live. I for one dare to dream the dream to live, ay for I desire life! To love and be loved, to be together, to find my career, to find my muse, to find the hart so fragile and so oft hunted in the forest. That hart’s name, happiness! What gods there are and great binders of fate, I’ll kick your ass if you screw up my plans! Huzzah! I drop the gaunlet to all bloody knaves who dare challenge me! Thank you and good day sirrah!




10 responses

22 02 2007

That is really impressive. *Impressed* Love the literary references slipped in there.

22 02 2007

hahaha…i must say this was…um for lack of better expression…cute.

22 02 2007

what a spoilsport! that wasnt cute at all! that was plain butt-kicking AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!! i was grinning all the way through! hehehe.. im trying to find any words you may have missed… huzzah indeed!

22 02 2007

No offence, but since when were you a 17th century British person?

22 02 2007

since apparently im the onyl one who can read shakespeare’s caesar like a real roman :p

22 02 2007

lol thats one i have yet to read…I seriously should get crackin and read the rest of shakespeare’s stuff since I can understand them from the first reading and enjoy them while im at it. lol

22 02 2007

I love the general feelings this has. And it’s definitely Shakespearean in style, minus “I’ll kick your ass” 😀

23 02 2007

hey, i liked the kick your ass part, it definitely gives the whole thing a greater appeal to the casual passerby, not to mention gives the rest of us a ‘kick’ near the middle where some might have gotten bored or otherwise dissatisfied… this post seriously had a great zing to it! keep it up, reaper and youll have a revolution on your hands! hehehe.. i think ive made it quite clear, i absolutely adored this post!

28 02 2007

kinda like Shakespeare meets UFC, i like it!

28 02 2007

*cough* achem ahem. I think its about time you got us a new post up. *cough*

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