Sorry For The Down Time

18 02 2007

Sorry readership for the lack of posts, too much excitment this week! (guess why?) lol Be back soonish.




5 responses

19 02 2007

Well, since it’s open to guessing, I’d venture to say that it’s either alien attacks or a WoW-a-thon.

20 02 2007

i hope you had a great weekend!

22 02 2007

lol like your guessing desktop…but i believe its cuz he passed his driving test and is driving every chance he gets…

am i right??????? :p

22 02 2007

Yeah, what happened with that?! You can’t leave us hanging!

14 04 2007

Hello Reaper,
I thought you’d gone down the drain with iBlogs. The pictures are very interesting. Hope all is well.

A mad scientist, like my mother.

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