Valentine’s Day: My Birthday Is The Day Of Love?

15 02 2007

Personally let me just say I wonder everytime this year how many people killed themself on V-day or B-day if you will. It seems exactly half as many good endings as bad ones occur on this day. It’s rather funny actually the number or relationships ended on this day of the year, the day appointed for love and some Catholic who got his head chopped off. Have any of you seen that little naked bastard on wings holding the tiny bow? I need to rip his spine out……..ow my butt.

Anyways, take my Spanish class for example. At close to the end of the day they call out the names of the folk who have been given a V-day gift. Roughly half the class was called. (luckily I already got sumtin from my secret admirer, love ya) One boy got a break up sent via text message. One guy hung his head down the whole time. the rest pretty much stare off into space.

The dumbest thing to me were all the girls going “boo hoo im single no V-day gifts for me wah”. And then they get them anyway o godesses of teenage heat. Bleh this holiday is retarded. At least I did get some awesome B-day gifts today.

 Well heres your “I’m not really trying too hard today” blog post. Enjoy while I laugh my ass off to the screams of terror from my slaves.




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15 02 2007

If there’s one thing I hate, it’s Valentine’s day sympathy whores. Sure, I don’t have a “Valentine” this year, but you don’t see me cutting myself or jumping off of overpasses. It makes me want to throw up in my pants.

Why do they call people “valentine”, anyway? Isn’t it a name? Why don’t we just ask people to “be my Jim”?

15 02 2007

thedesktop: I think it’s named after St. Valentine, and it stuck.

Nobody at my school really takes the day seriously. There are some cards and stuff exchanged in the halls, but that’s about it. If anyone did take it seriously, they’d look very weird.

15 02 2007

its so stupid in my opinion

15 02 2007

well you read my post so you know how i feel about that fake ass hallmark holiday. i am glad you had a good birthday though. i took my joey and becca (haha joebec) out for dinner and totally FORGOT it was Vday, i was wondering why the restaurants were so full… oh god, well whatever LOL
have a good one dearest

16 02 2007

Blah, I hate the day. It’s so tacky and pointless. I think (should I ever actually get a boyfriend) I’ll demand they do nothing on the day. There are other, more meaningful days for expression of feelings, like anniversaries, that aren’t made commercial. They’re the ones that should be celebrated!

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