16 And Driving, A Fine Age To Be!

11 02 2007

While I normally wouldn’t give my age, mainly because people then expect the writings of a normal teenager (those of you who know me can support that I am not, but still have some traits of teen years), but this is special. Febuary 14th this week I will turn 16. Luckily since Georgia changed their driving laws, I already had my learners and they were’nt about to screw us over, I can still get my license (with having a driver’s ed of course). I am the last sweet 16 in GA, now its sweet 17!

I got a stick shift sporty not classified as sports car, 99 Ford Escort complete with a bitchin cd player! I will take my test Friday, wish me luck! I’ll have some pics of my baby soon.

Anyways, one of the rare reaper personal life posts. Driving kicks ass!




16 responses

11 02 2007

Here to point out a small mistake. I believe you mean ‘I’ll have some pics of my baby(#2) up soon.’

lol thought I’d point that out 😉

btw good luck on your test! And driving is wayyy cool.

12 02 2007

Congratumalations on almost having your license. And, in case you care, congrats on being the age when you can legally ride in the cargo bed of a pickup truck.

12 02 2007

Woo driving! Good luck on the test. It’ll be one of the most harrowing experiences of your life, but it’s so worth it once you’re done! *Fingers crossed*

12 02 2007

Wait I have TWO babies!? OMG call the doctor there must have been some mistake! No way! Ah man im ruined, how can i share my affection for TWO babies!? NOOoooo!!!!

12 02 2007

Yeah, driving is awesome. Especially when you can start driving on your own, it makes social life and going places so much easier! But then there’s gas prices…ugh.

13 02 2007

well that won’t be a problem. if you can’t do it then you’d have to give one up, right?

13 02 2007

oh no..
i dont like where this is going at all.

13 02 2007

or i can fuse the two together to make a SUPER BABY!!!!!!!!

13 02 2007

tsk tsk

that must hurt

but how do you plan to do that?

13 02 2007

my alien friends from my Alien Abduction dream series

13 02 2007

are you kidding me??? you’re only 16!! god, that’s twice! you and DT both had me fooled! congrats by the way, my joey turns 12 today! happy bday

oh, nice to see you again. i’ll be back…

13 02 2007

yeah, at least you already know me enough to take me seriously lol

13 02 2007

are you kidding me reggie? For the longest time I couldn’t figure out whether Reaper was male or female. For a while I was convinced he was male but that was when my friend was trying to convince me otherwise. She was positive he was female. lol. so never be surprised when it comes to Reaper!

14 02 2007

i seriously thought he was in college. or maybe even just out of college.
oh, it’s reggie btw… LOL

15 02 2007

yeah me too reggie me too…he decieved us all! lol

23 05 2009

well.. it’s like I knew!

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