The 5th Level Of High

7 02 2007

Rolling out this category, it will be about me and my life. For the very first post I have a special treat, one very extraordinary experience I had recently or long ago.

 I may have done things to induce this. Guess what those things are…….

back to the 60's

Take me back to the 60’s when The Beetles were shockin and the van was rockin. I could feel it in my blood. When I stood up it flowed down from my brain ewwww freaky. I was walking under the ocean, a whirlpool in my being, spinning spinning around and around. I got lost in the beat and danced away. I could taste what i felt and felt what i taste. Time slows down or come back to normal if you try to be alert. My hoody felt sweet, the philsbury doughboy, being backed in a cake.

So happy felt so fly, ride to the sky im gonna keep on walkin and talkin away. Fight on, down with the man, aliens abduct, sweet groves take me away. Falling up and flying around, get lost in the beat of the sound. Control my chi, my chakra, let it loose and deep waves, pull it in tight needles.

 I wanna dream, dream away. Sleep under ocean deep.

 Thats a semi poem from a personal experience. Maybe i’ll make a whole one soon lol. Oh, forgot to mention the way my thinking changed, the completely new seems to be remembered, maybe it was in the past but cant remember, looks pretty so it doesnt matter. It’s a bitchin thing.




2 responses

8 02 2007

very nice…i like how the poem is written in prose style so when you first start reading it you aren’t sure what you are reading…cool

10 02 2007

I dunno if I understand your poetry (which I think I do) but that picture is freakin’ awesome. I stared at it for 5 minutes straight and made it my desktop wall paper.

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