Adventures Of A Warlock #1

4 02 2007

Yay the first category! (the previous is the info one so it doesnt count) This category will contain my exploits in the land of Azeroth otherwise known as THE WORLD OF WARCRAFT!!!!!!! I love to play this game because it’s always interesting and changing so it doesn’t get old fast like most games you can beat in a single set down.

The Alliance usually gets its arse handed to it by the beast races of the Horde in the Battlegrounds, which consist of matchs such as capture the flag and control the base. Yesterday We had a four game winning streak in Arathi Basin. The last match I captured the farm and valiantly defended it with two comrades.

victory dance

And here is aroulaarabis, my then lvl 48 human warlock traveling to the elves who HAD to have the alchemist trainer on a REMOTE ISLAND! I hate waiting on those boats to arrive so I can travel.

That Alchemist Had To Be On A Remote Island




4 responses

4 02 2007

a better persuit than a sports fan for examp. can’t stand them above else. at least you are interacting and doing something in a game. not like when someone watchs sports and screams at the team members who can’t even HEAR them. lol

6 02 2007

Arghhhh! My sister’s boyfriend spends about 9 hours a day playing that. It’s like a full-time job, I swear … which might explain why he’s unemployed. 😀

7 02 2007

My brother’s worse. He plays Runescape, which is garbage compared to WoW. Actually, he doesn’t even do that anymore…now he’s just on their forums, talking to people about runescape. He fails to see the pointlessness of that. 🙂

25 06 2007

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