Current Issues Class Journal

22 02 2007

We write a journal every tuesday and thursday. Huzzah! Here is today’s.



This has been another boring rat race school week of that wonderful thing called life. I hope yea peoples are happy with yon tragedy lo and behold the fruit of our folly. To live is but an ideal, a dream, something to hope for. But as it were hope is what keeps the human going, ay the fuel of continuance to live. Push on forward what ho, march onward into the future and what possibilities it has in store. Is it yet more folly to hope for that which is out of reach? Ay, question upon question doth beg my ear. Hello, is it tea time? Beware the long walk of time, and how slowly it passes by until the speed of light sets in and you can act nevermore. Nevermore I say! What will you do when  the world falls upon you? A care, a hope, a dream, to live. Whereas we all try to cut a piece of happiness for ourself. And why? Because we dare to live! So many fall, some come so close and the illusive hare slips from our grasp. How so, ye commoners! How so do you strive to exist? Are we all but travelers between the infinities? Anon, anon we are thrown into life only to find it so hard to live. I for one dare to dream the dream to live, ay for I desire life! To love and be loved, to be together, to find my career, to find my muse, to find the hart so fragile and so oft hunted in the forest. That hart’s name, happiness! What gods there are and great binders of fate, I’ll kick your ass if you screw up my plans! Huzzah! I drop the gaunlet to all bloody knaves who dare challenge me! Thank you and good day sirrah!


Sorry For The Down Time

18 02 2007

Sorry readership for the lack of posts, too much excitment this week! (guess why?) lol Be back soonish.

Valentine’s Day: My Birthday Is The Day Of Love?

15 02 2007

Personally let me just say I wonder everytime this year how many people killed themself on V-day or B-day if you will. It seems exactly half as many good endings as bad ones occur on this day. It’s rather funny actually the number or relationships ended on this day of the year, the day appointed for love and some Catholic who got his head chopped off. Have any of you seen that little naked bastard on wings holding the tiny bow? I need to rip his spine out……..ow my butt.

Anyways, take my Spanish class for example. At close to the end of the day they call out the names of the folk who have been given a V-day gift. Roughly half the class was called. (luckily I already got sumtin from my secret admirer, love ya) One boy got a break up sent via text message. One guy hung his head down the whole time. the rest pretty much stare off into space.

The dumbest thing to me were all the girls going “boo hoo im single no V-day gifts for me wah”. And then they get them anyway o godesses of teenage heat. Bleh this holiday is retarded. At least I did get some awesome B-day gifts today.

 Well heres your “I’m not really trying too hard today” blog post. Enjoy while I laugh my ass off to the screams of terror from my slaves.

16 And Driving, A Fine Age To Be!

11 02 2007

While I normally wouldn’t give my age, mainly because people then expect the writings of a normal teenager (those of you who know me can support that I am not, but still have some traits of teen years), but this is special. Febuary 14th this week I will turn 16. Luckily since Georgia changed their driving laws, I already had my learners and they were’nt about to screw us over, I can still get my license (with having a driver’s ed of course). I am the last sweet 16 in GA, now its sweet 17!

I got a stick shift sporty not classified as sports car, 99 Ford Escort complete with a bitchin cd player! I will take my test Friday, wish me luck! I’ll have some pics of my baby soon.

Anyways, one of the rare reaper personal life posts. Driving kicks ass!

Adventures Of A Warlock #2

9 02 2007

Now the Epic Battles of We Totally Kick Ass commence!

 Our first is from a dwarven place called Uldaman! We had to summon on this altar to awaken the giant stone dude and his minions and then we have to destory them! (Why can’t we just break them when they are frozen? I don’t know!)

Stone Balls

The next adventure is one where I got most of my kick ass voodoo gear with da bruju magic from none other than the trolls! We are at the top of the pyramid fighting alongside rescued prisoners (who later try to kill us) fighting a HUGE army of the towns troll denizens. (Fire storms curtesy of yours truly.)

Firery Death From Above!!!!!!



 Next post, my demons! (introducing the uber bad ass demon spec locks only felguard summon FLAADHUN!!!!!) (whos always pissed)

The 5th Level Of High

7 02 2007

Rolling out this category, it will be about me and my life. For the very first post I have a special treat, one very extraordinary experience I had recently or long ago.

 I may have done things to induce this. Guess what those things are…….

back to the 60's

Take me back to the 60’s when The Beetles were shockin and the van was rockin. I could feel it in my blood. When I stood up it flowed down from my brain ewwww freaky. I was walking under the ocean, a whirlpool in my being, spinning spinning around and around. I got lost in the beat and danced away. I could taste what i felt and felt what i taste. Time slows down or come back to normal if you try to be alert. My hoody felt sweet, the philsbury doughboy, being backed in a cake.

So happy felt so fly, ride to the sky im gonna keep on walkin and talkin away. Fight on, down with the man, aliens abduct, sweet groves take me away. Falling up and flying around, get lost in the beat of the sound. Control my chi, my chakra, let it loose and deep waves, pull it in tight needles.

 I wanna dream, dream away. Sleep under ocean deep.

 Thats a semi poem from a personal experience. Maybe i’ll make a whole one soon lol. Oh, forgot to mention the way my thinking changed, the completely new seems to be remembered, maybe it was in the past but cant remember, looks pretty so it doesnt matter. It’s a bitchin thing.

Adventures Of A Warlock #1

4 02 2007

Yay the first category! (the previous is the info one so it doesnt count) This category will contain my exploits in the land of Azeroth otherwise known as THE WORLD OF WARCRAFT!!!!!!! I love to play this game because it’s always interesting and changing so it doesn’t get old fast like most games you can beat in a single set down.

The Alliance usually gets its arse handed to it by the beast races of the Horde in the Battlegrounds, which consist of matchs such as capture the flag and control the base. Yesterday We had a four game winning streak in Arathi Basin. The last match I captured the farm and valiantly defended it with two comrades.

victory dance

And here is aroulaarabis, my then lvl 48 human warlock traveling to the elves who HAD to have the alchemist trainer on a REMOTE ISLAND! I hate waiting on those boats to arrive so I can travel.

That Alchemist Had To Be On A Remote Island